A traditional Goose dinner should not be missed.

It is normally served Saturdays from 4 pm and Sundays from 1 pm, between October 31 – November 15. If you would like to book at a different time, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to fit you in.


Black soup with gizzard and traditional condiments
Furulidens’ wild mushroom soup or lobster bisque.

Main Course
Goose with red cabbage, prunes, apple, Brussels sprouts and our homemade gravy
Homemade apple sauce and Black currant jelly
Fried small potatoes
Furuliden’s apple cake with custard
Price 595 : –


Äppelpaj Gåsmiddag Restaurang
gås uppskivat


Martins Day was originally celebrated for the 40-day fasting period that extended until Christmas, an influence in Christianity that is rooted in the then strong Byzantine influence. The Christmas fast within the Catholic Church is in principle gone today, but is still found in parts of the Orthodox Church. The last night before the fast, called fasting night in Skåne, was the last chance of the population to lubricate the geese. In parts of Germany, mainly in Mainz and the rest of the Rhine, this celebration is still of great importance to this day. Martins Day was traditionally the day when the tithe was claimed. Geese were often used as a way of paying taxes.

If you or any of your guests are allergic or have other dietary requests, please infom us as early as possible so we can put together something special for you.