Våra rum Vår restaurang Vittsjövingård

Birthday, wedding, family reunion, yoga retreat or hang out with a group of friends.

You have the entire inn with staff and full service. Why not gather the gang for a fun and enjoyable stay in Vittsjö. Barbecue evening, a trip with a raft on Vittsjön, outdoor games or just relax in front of the fire.
The benefits are many: Your guests stay overnight and and can relax. You will have breakfast together in peace and quiet, you are our only guests and have the whole place to yourself.

Renting an entire inn can be the perfect solution for celebrating Christmas or other holidays together without anyone having to be a slave in the kitchen. We fix the meals, serving and picking up.

When you rent the whole inn, you can just kick back and relax.Rent the entire Furuliden 18-20 beds, luxurious 3-course dinner for everyone and a delicious breakfast buffet.You check in sometime around lunchtime. We are happy to arrange lunch for your company if you wish.We will send a list of the different rooms.

There are some rooms where it is possible to fit an extra bed.Check-in with a Swedish “fika” coffee or a welcome drink. If you want, we can suggest a suitable activity before dinner or you just enjoy each other’s company with a cooktail.

After dinner we make sure you have what you want before we leave, after that the place is yours. Enjoy the evening together in front of the fireplace or play a fun party game.

Contact us for prices!

We have cube, boules, board games and a lot of fun board games. We also have a piano and a guitar for our musical guests.The next morning you choose breakfast or brunch.

We offer a wonderful buffet to be enjoyed in peace and quiet.If you want to rent more than one day, you get a discount for each day.

Prices from SEK 20,000 / day High season and Holidays apply to other prices.